Tumblr Withdrawals

I am facing some tumblr withdrawals since I haven’t had the chance to spam everyone’s dashboards with my nonsensical reblogs. I have finally moved, the wifi in my house doesn’t like my computer apparently (nor in my school) so I have to rely on my phone to give off internet, and school started. I have been pretty busy, and probably will be for the days to come. However, I really like my school and I have met some cool people — some more peculiar than others, but nonetheless, nice. Hopefully I will get the hang of things and update my blog every once in a while. I will post up pictures as well of how my dorm looks and the school ;D

I have been dying to do a figure drawing session, getting back in the habit of practicing with oil paints, or be a creeper and do observational studies of people in their natural habitat. I’m too poor to hire some nude model and I don’t know people that are comfortable enough to pose in front of me naked. School is already starting for my friends and I still have to wait three more weeks u.u I just want to take my design classes, be stressed out about art assignments, or be sleep deprived again from drawing non stop. 

UPULAR: Dear Followers
UPULAR: Dear Followers


Okay so I know I don’t have many Followers, but I really need help from those that do follow me. Listen to my story:

My dream is to program and create video games. It’s the only thing I want more than anything else in the world.

My family doesn’t make enough money to send me to school, so I’ve…


I start school tomorrow. Damn this one week of vacation. At least I kind of feel ready for it unlike last semester.

Fuck school

Everyday is such a drag, and I feel so drained. I am not going to miss anything from high school. I feel like it’s such a waste of my life, only to be consumed by the mundane yet strenuous tasks that in the end I ask myself “How is this fucking analytical paper on a overrated poem is contributing to my short life span? How is this ‘trapezoidal rule’ problem contributing to my short life span other than killing my brain cells?” God, I am so sick of it. I don’t even know if I can lasts another decade of this bullshit, so I am certified to gloat about what? “Yeah, I paid so much money for this piece of shit paper that shows I accomplished something that won’t mean anything to the maggots that feeds off of my body in my grave.” Maybe I am suffering from teenage angst, maybe I am naive, but fuck, I sure hope college life would be worthwhile, after all, it’s only 2/5ths of my life doing the same shit in school over and over again.

Whatever, let me just say that my issues are not bad, there are far more worse situations that people go through. My burden is a mere mosquito bite compared to what others have to deal with.

But still, fuck school….hard.