Damn you nature, damn you to hell.

I love spring, but in the south, it is also known as the beginning of the mosquito reign. My my poor arms and legs are covered in mosquito bites and I have this horrible habit of scratching myself until I rip off multiple layers off of my skin. My legs are so scarred up as it is, I don’t want my arms to be headed in that direction too ;__; It is becoming so uncomfortable sleeping for the past couple of nights too because of this unbearable urge to itch and scratch all of the time. I applied honey to my battle wounds to see if it alleviates the mosquito bites, and so far it seems to be working…but I seriously need to get a mosquito repellant of some sort for when I go running outside or go to the park. It has always been my luck to get ambushed by mosquitoes even if there are 7249349382904892348023 people around me e____e